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Find your way.

About Me

I believe that happiness is the accumulation of joyful moments in one’s life. Throughout my time on earth few things have brought me more joy than taking care of people. As a dynamic thinker with a wide breadth of knowledge and experience I serve my clients by illuminating all of the joy, gratitude and most importantly POWER in their lives. I am a catalyst to action and the impact on my clients lives lasts long past our sessions. Born and raised in Tillsonburg, Ontario I grew up knowing the importance of hardwork, the power of belief and a deep knowing that we are all more powerful than we could possibly imagine. As an avid runner, mountain biker, road cyclist, hiker and snow boarder I am always looking for an outdoor challenge. Years ago I recognized the importance of training ourselves to know that we are capable of doing hard things. I take a similar approach with my clients. Life in today’s world is constantly changing and our ability to take on whatever comes our way with courage, tenacity and strength is the key to being successful.


This is where YOU come in. 


We will take a look at the opportunities in your life during our discovery session and create a big goal. At this point we work together and develop a cohesive action plan to make this dream a reality. The hardest part is getting started, I can’t wait to help.  

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